Friday, August 20, 2010

Reverse Houdini.

Previous readers might recollect Dave's Houdini style escape tricks but apparently getting out of things is not his only skill. The kitchen cupboard doors close quite tightly but not tight enough. Dave's claw, twisted at a certain angle, pops the door open, giving access to 15kg of dried food heaven! This little trick was discovered after we came back from a walk. He normally goes into the kitchen to drink some water as I'm taking my shoes off and on this occasion I thought 'That water sounds awfully crunchy'. Lesson learned - if it sounds suspicious, it is suspicious.

Talking of lessons learned; frogs are always fun to pick up but they taste nasty, so now, instead of picking frogs up in his mouth, Dave prefers to stand on them.

We are always pleasantly surprised at how silent Dave is, he rarely barks. However, last week at a local dog park, a little terrier with a football obsession became deafened as Dave howled at him like a mental thing, desperate for a play-pal. The terrier was not impressed.

Recently I've been rewarding Dave with blueberries fresh from the forest during our walks. I have been rewarding myself with them also.

Some random pictures...

There's something in there!
Waiting on blueberries to be picked.
High bum.

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