Saturday, December 31, 2011

28 years young!

The little shiny eyed pup that was found wandering the streets of Ireland has now survived for three years on this planet. In human terms that's 28! Dave is now in the stage of life where he wears black turtlenecks and hangs around in poetry cafés trying to unwind the tangled threads of life's meaning. Mostly, however, he just eats a snausage and has a nap.

The Stress Diet
Dave's most recent adventure, outside of his birthday, was traveling to Finland for two weeks over the Christmas period. It proved both successful and stressful. He lost over 1kg even though he was getting more than his normal measure of rations, we think this was due to stress. We were either in a train, bus, ferry or a car for over 48 hours in total, not to mention staying in strange places every night and criss-crossing our way through the urban metropolises of Stockholm and Helsinki. Upon returning home, Dave's bum was really wagging like a mad thing and he slept like a log. Now we can concentrate on fattening him up again.

He did have some fun though, he met some dogs from, a Finnish dog forum, and our hosts on two occasions also had a dog, so Dave met lots of new friends, as did we.

A selection of holiday pictures...


Rolle, our host for 4 nights.

Oulu Policeman.

An old friend of Elisa's, and dog. dog Peppi.

Long train journeys are boring.

Have a Christmas ball!

Dave gets a pressie. It was a piggy.

More traveling boredom.

Dali the host Dog and Dave the guest Dog.

Rough seas.

Homeward bound.

Showing the kids a thing or two.

Not the best provisions for animals on the train.

Super best friends.

Dali learned some good behavior from Dave.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Dave "Mona Lisa" The Dog

My heart is still beating fast and I am about to faint!
As most of my friends know, I hate Christmas and all of those meaningless gifts, stress and money spending...well, I didn't expect EVER to get the AMAZING surprise I experienced today!

Dear Martin gave me a REAL Art Piece that I am going to cherish forever <3. He knows how much I love Stephane Tartelin´s drawings and Martin contacted The Artist himself, and luckily he had time for a private commission.

I must run as soon as possible to the framers and get a really nice home for this "Mona Lisa" piece! This is the drawing that someday will be wanted in Musée du Louvre, and hopefully as speculated upon - Who Was That Dog - What Stories Are Hidden Behind His Smile?