Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bum Nips and Crate Tricks.


Today we went with Dave to the training area where his obedience course starts on the 1st of September. It's an old football pitch, so is really massive. After some time two other dogs joined us, a Golden Retriever and a Rhodesian Ridgeback. The Retriever was very chilled and just walked about but the Ridgeback really loved to run so was a perfect play-mate for Dave. They chased each other like mental around and around until the Ridgeback got too excited and nipped Dave's bum. The only problem is that the Ridgeback's jaw is massive and a nip is more like a chomp. Dave ran under the bench and was pretty scared for some minutes. Then it started to rain and we all went home.

Aaarg, my bum!!

* * *
We have always thought that Dave had no problems in being left alone in the apartment as he never makes any fuss when we leave or when we return. Just to make sure that he was okay we filmed him and it turns out that he's not so relaxed after all. After 10 seconds he tried to escape the crate! He managed to open one lock very easily. After around 12 minutes he relaxed/gave up escaping and only took to howling every now and then. So, it seems we have some work to do with separation anxiety...


  1. poor dave he almost got his head stuck! Speaking from experience, one of the hardest animals to contain is a dog!

  2. oh my I never would leave my dog in a cage whenever I leave for work and it's 8 hours, she just stays at home in bed playing with all her toys, she is free too run in all of my apartment and she has never destroyed anything.

  3. Soda: After this videoshoot we have never left him in the crate. He is never alone more than 4 hours every now and then (and when Dave moved with us, he was maybe max. 1-2 hours in that crate when we had to get gloceries and so on.). But when we got Dave we were not sure if he would do his business in the flat or destroy something. But luckily he is a nice quiet little dog and (without permission;) sleeps in my side of bed when we are away :)