Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Environments.

Today we took Dave to an indoor climbing gym, he was very chilled and almost looked bored when we were not giving him attention, even with small children running about and the house-dog keeping an eye on him. Afterwards we found a dog park and let Dave off the leash for the first time, allowing him to run full speed at last! I'm sure he appreciated it. He was exhausted after 10 minutes due to the heat. Even though he was free he didn't go too far from us and returned when called quite well, unless he caught some smell on the way back, then he got sidetracked but with the help of some snausage he soon got the idea. Considering the park was in the city and surrounded by cars, trams, people on bikes, crazy magpies and seagulls Dave performed extremely well.

He has now met a number of other dogs. The meetings have went okay but Dave is a little too enthusiastic for some dogs and annoys them sometimes. He's too much for little dogs, he knocks them around in his excitement but with bigger dogs it's okay. A neighbours' Alsatian that has similar energy levels had no problems with Dave's playing antics.

In new environments he still is a little shy about doing any business and even taking a drink from his bowl. As soon as we return to familiar ground however, he gives some water to the grass no problem!

In the local forest.

Dave around town, waiting on a tram.

All in all it was long day and it didn't take long for Dave to assume his position on the sofa!

Energy recovery position.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Chase the Piggy.

Clicker training has started, currently 'loading' the clicker, where we basically shove snausages in his mouth every time we click so he assiciates click with snausage. One set-back is that the lighter we have for the gas cooker makes almost the exact same noise! So we try to light the cooker when he's not nearby.

A small accident happened yesterday on the livingroom carpet but he promised it would never happen again...

In the next couple of days we shall test some bicycle running with him as he loves to run and our legs don't move as fast as his!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Dave around town.

Went to the local shopping centre yesterday. Dave, as usual, had his nose to the ground the whole way. Everywhere is new of course, a world of new sniffs to sniff!

He's not pulling so much as before, not that he pulled a lot to start with, but he's learning to walk a bit more sensibly, to stay within the leash area. It's quite amazing after only two days how quickly he learns that if he pulls he doesn't get to go forward.

Strutting along.

Today he went in a tram without any problems. We found a small hill with a nice view over houses with Göteborg in the distance. Dave barked for the first time as he watched somebody doing some gardening! It was a quiet, deep growl that grew into a gentle 'vov', it was hardly a bark but for Dave he was positively shouting! It's the first vocalisation he's made.

Currently he's napping next to me, his paws twitching.

I see you!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Dave Arrives.

After a quick check-up at the vet and a farewell to Ida(foster Mum) we left for Göteborg.

A long car journey on the numb-bum side of six hours later, Dave arrived at his new home and started sniffing the area out straight away.

A frog witnessed the strength of Dave's nose and the softness of his teeth. After a pounce into the grass Dave presented a decent sized frog that lived to jump another day, leaving a somewhat unpleasant taste in Dave's mouth to serve as a lesson!

We're all ready for bed but Dave has a head start and the gentle snoring coming from his corner is surely charging up energy for tomorrow.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The day before.

Dave the Dog is due to arrive in two days. His crate is filled with soft blankets, the noms are in the fridge and the forest awaits his special gifts!

A nice corner of the living room has been set aside for his crate, where he can see out the window.

We hope he'll settle in quickly!