Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pagan Dave goes Native.

Ukko must be pleased. It's midsummer day and the rain is lashing down and all the farmers are rejoicing.

Dave T. Dog sleeps in a ball shape as church bells solemnly ring out in case we forget what day it is. Still weary from a bout of socialising that would test the Queen's patient graces he no doubt dreams of squirrels and all things meaty.

Yesterday, the only flames in sight were that of the grill as it cooked up snausages. No bonfires. And no fern seeds leading to treasure were found. But Dave T. still managed to follow tradition and have a BBQ by the sea surrounded by (new) friends and family. So after elbowing the hungry pack from the grill Dave managed to relax on his tartan blanket and watch the midnight sun sink into the horizon.

This time last year he was dancing round a maypole and drinking snaps until daybreak in Sweden, Dave prefers the calmer BBQ version, as the grey hairs starting to manifest on his eyebrows can attest to!

He's no young pup any more but perhaps some feisty lady dog has placed flowers under her pillow and will see him in her dreams tonight?


Meat and beer. Dave's favourite meal.

Dave on a rock by the sea at Midsummer.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mighty Hunter Finds Playground

Anyone who frequents the central park in Helsinki has probably noticed the sudden and worrying decline of squirrels recently. Those little chaps who scurry up trees and steal seeds from bird-feeders will soon be on the IUCN Red List if they don't watch their backs, for it seems a new and insatiable predator has settled in the area. It was first sighted in Ireland, where reports described a strange monster prowling the streets at night, nose to the ground and tail in the air. Leprachaun demise has been attributed to it by some accounts, although those accounts were mostly fuelled by Ireland's black stuff. Tales became few and far between and apparently the beast's taste-buds had turned to a chewier meat, that of the Swedish moose. No doubt after a few years chewing on the gristle laden shanks of moose the mighty hunter yearned for a sweeter and more delicate flavour to tickle his palate. And what juicier, jumpier and joyfuller prey than the humble squirrel? Has he not sustained mankind since the bronze age with his fluffy tail and fat little nut-filled belly?

Helsinki's Central Park has long been home to a vast squirrel population and if Dave T. Dog, AKA The Mighty Hunter, has anything to say about the situation their days are numbered. Although he first has to learn how to climb trees. A minor obstacle. Rest assured, dear reader, once that skill is added to Dave's already overflowing skill plate those squirrels will have to come up with something more deviant than simply ascending a tree to avoid the hunter's tendrils. Or teeth in Dave's case.