Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fish Flavoured Ice Cream?

Dave had his first bath (outdoors) of the year today! He also had some ice cream (not his first of the year). He also chased a fish (toy) for about 2 seconds until every stick within sight became more exciting. He also got some water in his ear, became covered in sand and met a horse. And all that in the space of an hour or two!

Oh, he also displayed some of his madness to a crowd of people waiting on a tram! On the patch of grass next to the tram station he performed his trademark 'run like mad in a circle as fast as possible' trick, much to everybody's enjoyment, young and old alike. It's a stable crowd-pleaser that never fails to entertain.

Maybe if I eat some grass it'll think I'm a horse as well?
Maybe if I ignore it, it'll go away and stop being so large and scary?
I see a fish.
I found a fish.

Nom nom!

The simple joy of a chin scratch after a hard day of madness.