Monday, September 27, 2010

Obedience and the dangers of being cute.

Dave has been attending a dog course for a few weeks. He's the star pupil! Mostly due to his love of snausages. Last week we demonstrated how a dog should follow you if you step back and Dave was basically a master of it from the first attempt. We think he would follow a snausage into hell and back. He's also mastered hand-targeting, or hand-bonking as we call it, this is where he bonks his nose against my palm for a snausage. Video to come soon!

* * *

If cuteness could be bottled and sent into space then Dave would be the world's biggest donor. Why it would be sent into space is for scientists to figure out but on Earth it has the (un)fortunate ability of attracting attention. Here is a run-down of the people most attracted to Dave's snausage-loving face:

  1. Old People.
  2. Drunk People.
  3. Teenage girls.
  4. Scary, tattooed, immigrant, sweaty biker types.

While this admiration of Dave is understood, the noise that comes out of their mouths rarely is. Old people mumble, drunk people slur, teens talk too fast and immigrants have thick accents you couldn't push through a sieve.

Every trip on a tram is a new and exciting experience!

I'm cute, please talk to me!