Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dave found the Easter Ducky.

The days for the Easter Duckies, Bunnies and Chocolatey eggs has begun!

And finally Dave is ready to join the USS Enterprise, to be the most handsome, intelligent and fearless Captain of all time! His uniform and charm can knock over a green bitch or two. His skills to fly & fight will stun! His eyes can kill the enemy with just a glance and his sense of humour won't leave anyone cold. His name is Captain Dave T. Dog and he's ready to go where no paw has gone before.

Take off.
There's...something out there...on the wing.

Crash Landing!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring, spring, spring little Davey boy!

Spring is finally here! Shiny sunshine and glistening lake surfaces. Dave demanded to get a new bling-bling Disco collar, to show who is the real King of the dance floor. Happy dogs run, jump and dance the fastest!

Nothing to see here.. DUCKY!
Easter is soon here, so we went Easter Ducky hunting. To catch one it's essential to have fast legs and a lot of "sisu", because if you miss the Ducky, you are not going to get any suprising yummy eggs the whole year!

Ducky, would you dance with me?