Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Environments.

Today we took Dave to an indoor climbing gym, he was very chilled and almost looked bored when we were not giving him attention, even with small children running about and the house-dog keeping an eye on him. Afterwards we found a dog park and let Dave off the leash for the first time, allowing him to run full speed at last! I'm sure he appreciated it. He was exhausted after 10 minutes due to the heat. Even though he was free he didn't go too far from us and returned when called quite well, unless he caught some smell on the way back, then he got sidetracked but with the help of some snausage he soon got the idea. Considering the park was in the city and surrounded by cars, trams, people on bikes, crazy magpies and seagulls Dave performed extremely well.

He has now met a number of other dogs. The meetings have went okay but Dave is a little too enthusiastic for some dogs and annoys them sometimes. He's too much for little dogs, he knocks them around in his excitement but with bigger dogs it's okay. A neighbours' Alsatian that has similar energy levels had no problems with Dave's playing antics.

In new environments he still is a little shy about doing any business and even taking a drink from his bowl. As soon as we return to familiar ground however, he gives some water to the grass no problem!

In the local forest.

Dave around town, waiting on a tram.

All in all it was long day and it didn't take long for Dave to assume his position on the sofa!

Energy recovery position.

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