Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dave around town.

Went to the local shopping centre yesterday. Dave, as usual, had his nose to the ground the whole way. Everywhere is new of course, a world of new sniffs to sniff!

He's not pulling so much as before, not that he pulled a lot to start with, but he's learning to walk a bit more sensibly, to stay within the leash area. It's quite amazing after only two days how quickly he learns that if he pulls he doesn't get to go forward.

Strutting along.

Today he went in a tram without any problems. We found a small hill with a nice view over houses with Göteborg in the distance. Dave barked for the first time as he watched somebody doing some gardening! It was a quiet, deep growl that grew into a gentle 'vov', it was hardly a bark but for Dave he was positively shouting! It's the first vocalisation he's made.

Currently he's napping next to me, his paws twitching.

I see you!

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