Monday, July 5, 2010

Dave Arrives.

After a quick check-up at the vet and a farewell to Ida(foster Mum) we left for Göteborg.

A long car journey on the numb-bum side of six hours later, Dave arrived at his new home and started sniffing the area out straight away.

A frog witnessed the strength of Dave's nose and the softness of his teeth. After a pounce into the grass Dave presented a decent sized frog that lived to jump another day, leaving a somewhat unpleasant taste in Dave's mouth to serve as a lesson!

We're all ready for bed but Dave has a head start and the gentle snoring coming from his corner is surely charging up energy for tomorrow.


  1. Cool, it's the dog of cars, castles and oceans!

  2. Aivan ihana sesse! Silmissä luonnetta.