Saturday, May 11, 2013

Off to Pastures New

Dave T. Dog's wanderlust has risen again. Not content with the Emerald Isle he came to Sweden and now, almost three years later, his nose is once again in the wind sniffing out new adventures and his tongue yearns for the salty air of a sea voyage.

He'll be following the trade winds to join the ranks of the 3,095 immigrants that have already debarked onto Helsinki's dock this year. I wonder how many of those were also of the four-legged kind? Regular readers will no doubt recollect Christmas 2011 when Dave ventured to Finland to visit the in-laws, so he's no stranger to salmiakki and drinking smoked beer in saunas.

Looking worried, why are the cupboards being emptied?!

Helping to pack.

Making sure the entertainment system is packed properly, Dave needs his big screen!

Getting sleepy.

Nap time after some hard packing work. That balloon was heavy you know.
So keep your eyes peeled for posts comparing Swedish and Finnish culture, complaining about the lack of authentic surströmming, wondering why Finns love heavy metal and other witty observations that will tickle your taste buds and rattle your laugh barometer.

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