Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Forest Creature This Way Went

Today was a special day in the life of one little Dave T. Dog.

Finally after many years of seeing fleeting shapes, flashes of tail and hoof, in the forest, the canines who nestle so snug in Dave's mouth realised a dream. Those poor denied taste buds on Dave's tongue have never tingled so strongly nor his saliva glands watered so longingly as they did today.

For today, this glorious day, was the day that Dave T. Dog managed to get a deer leg into his mouth! And it's been forever on his mind since that unbelievable moment.

Ode to a Hairy Leg

Forest odour fresh and strong,
oily bristles short and long,
carrying venison through cold grass,
little tail bobs above white ass.

Cloven hove on slender bone,
tendons stretch and muscles tone,
cracking joints bend with speed,
propel red meat into my greed.

Hairy leg, O hairy leg!
Is crime of passion really murder?
On bended knee I humbly beg;
Why won't you kill my hunger?

The hunt is on.

The scent has been found.
The knowledgeable audience watches with interest.

I smell a deer. A tasty deer.


Why did he take my leg?!
This wonderful moment for Dave (and everyone) came about through some fellow dog owners who were kind enough to let Dave join in on a training day.

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