Monday, September 17, 2012

Summer Memories

It's been a while since Dave's paws rattled the keyboard and sent a blog entry down the sit back with a nice Brandy Pays d'Auge as we relive the summer together...

On the Arctic Circle boundary in Sweden

Lofoten, Norway was the first destination. Apart from getting his poor stomach badly bitten by Highland midges Dave had a lovely time jumping around the beautiful coastal rocks (the bites didn't seem to bother him but his belly was bright red!). One stormy night as we cowered in fear waiting for the tent to take off and carry us over a fjord, Dave slept soundly in a ball shape in between our sleeping bags.

Lofoten, Norway.

A boat gets chewed.

The morning after the storm, Dave checks the damage.
Dave started a new hobby this summer; geocaching. Since he's always out and about anyway he thought he might as well do something else at the same time, to make life a bit more interesting.

Team Dave T. Dog's first geocache.

Another find!

Summer holidays are becoming distance memories. But new ones are just around the corner...

Dave on a hay bale for no other reason except that he looks awesome.

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