Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Final Showdown: Davezilla Vs Megaduvet!

It was an eager crowd that pushed and tripped each other to swarm around Davezilla's final battle against his evil nemesis Megaduvet. Who can forget the time when Davezilla was just Puppyzilla and Megaduvet came crashing into his village and destroyed all the harvest?! Many a member of Davezilla's family went hungry and his brother had to leave the safety of the gentle village, where he'd never known crime nor disease, and venture out into the harsh, unforgiving wilderness to try and gather food and materials for his aging parents and younger brother; the wide-eyed and wet-nosed Davezilla. The brother was never heard of again but packages would arrive with rice and money every few months, enough to keep the family alive.

Watch the videos below and try not to be affected by the brutality, the blood, the tension and the inhumanity, oh the inhumanity!

But don't worry too much, rest assured that Davezilla avenges his village with skill only known to the highest trained and purest of mind and later has a nice lie down upon the defeated beast that had once threatened his very existence.


  1. Voi mikä ihana Dave! Eksyin ensimmäistä kertaa tänne ja luettuani monen monta postausta olen ihan myyty jo nyt. Voi kumpa osaisin itsekkin kuvata ja kirjoittaa näin hyvin. Valtavan suuret ja hyvin ihailevat terveiset siis teille kahdelle minulta ja omalta hauveliltani. :)

  2. Kiitos Emppu, kommenttisi lämmittää paljon! Eipä mitään paineita omien kuvausten/kirjoitusten kanssa, vaan annat palaa, harjoittelulla mestariksi! Kiitos myös liittymisestä lukijoihimme, koitamme jatkossakin tehdä paljon hassuuksia Daven kanssa ja jakaa niitä tänne :).