Saturday, March 19, 2011

Epic Muffin Baker by Royal Appointment.

So it's been a while since The Royal Forest Muffin Baker has had a blog update. Winter has been and gone and came again and is not really sure whether it's going or staying, much like the protagonist in a popular song from the '80s.

Nothing of note has really happened to warrant a blog entry, Dave's life is gently cruising along without any major waves. That could be news in itself perhaps? As no news is good news.

Rabies! Dave has started Rabies treatment, that takes over 4 months to complete. He's had his second injection and now has to wait 120 days before he has to send some of his blood to Germany where they check to see if the antibodies are in strong enough numbers to give him immunity. Germany does that kind of thing apparently. Once the Rabies shield has been raised it will give Dave the ability to travel to various countries including Finland and Europe in general.

Here is a picture of Dave being epic for your visual enjoyment.

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