Saturday, February 4, 2012

Minus 14? Perfect temperature to go kicksparking!

Finally after much dillydallying, snow has finally come to Linköping. And no one could be happier than our very own Mr Dave T. Dog Snr. At last he has an opportunity to wear his extensive hand-made, limited edition, winter collection, much to the envy of the local pooches. And it's not only Dave showing off his elegant fashion taste, he gets a chance to flex his mucles for the ladies, just don't tell Dave that the jacket covers most of them! But we're sure his athleticism still draws breaths of wonder as he swoops past those admiring dames.

Minus 14 on the thermomoter means we need to do some warm-up exercises. Or, in Dave's case, he gets to be a bed muffin for ten minutes. A quick muscle rub down later and we are ready for the local race track, or, in Dave's case, the local duck pond.

Warm-up session.

View on youtube for maximum quality.

Dave's steering is still a bit rusty, he's mostly interested as to what's in the forest instead of running. But with some more kickspark sessions we're sure he'll be a regular Husky in no time and be in great demand for expeditions to unexplored frozen wastes! At this stage, however, we seem to be doing most of the running...

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