Saturday, April 19, 2014

Little Dog Sunshine

A Match Show was held on the 18th of April and organised by the Finnish Danish-Swedish Farmdog Association.
The sun was shining and, so it seems, was Dave. He came away with a 3rd place ribbon! Considering we initially just went along to see some Danish-Swedish Farmdogs and relax in the spring sun with other dog owners, that's quite a decent result.

After a few warm-up laps Dave was in the mood. And all that time spent in the gym and putting all the kilometres under his paws running alongside our bikes must have been worth it as the judge gave Dave a blue ribbon! 3rd place is not bad for the very first Match Show of his life.

Highlights from the event:

Dave's name is on the sheet! Number 305.
Pre-gig stick.
Om noms!
Trotting along.
what does this blue ribbon mean
Om nom noms!
Cute overload!!
That's the face of a winner, folks!
Dave "The Champ" Dog