Friday, May 1, 2015

When I went to Estonia

I went to Estonia on a boat, then rode a train to a town called Tartu.
It was nice, there are lots of wooden houses that are about to fall down, and also a large cathedral that has mostly fallen down.

I had a go in a hammock, met Oscar Wilde, compared pee-pees with a man-baby and stayed in an art-filled room (in Tallinn) for some days on the return trip.

I also have two new bird friends who came home with me!

On a train from Tallinn to Tartu
Oscar Wilde
Kingdom Hearts?

Local beauty, Bonita <3

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Little Dog Sunshine

A Match Show was held on the 18th of April and organised by the Finnish Danish-Swedish Farmdog Association.
The sun was shining and, so it seems, was Dave. He came away with a 3rd place ribbon! Considering we initially just went along to see some Danish-Swedish Farmdogs and relax in the spring sun with other dog owners, that's quite a decent result.

After a few warm-up laps Dave was in the mood. And all that time spent in the gym and putting all the kilometres under his paws running alongside our bikes must have been worth it as the judge gave Dave a blue ribbon! 3rd place is not bad for the very first Match Show of his life.

Highlights from the event:

Dave's name is on the sheet! Number 305.
Pre-gig stick.
Om noms!
Trotting along.
what does this blue ribbon mean
Om nom noms!
Cute overload!!
That's the face of a winner, folks!
Dave "The Champ" Dog

Sunday, February 16, 2014

I was at the local dog park and second-hand shop. And I liked it.

Yesterday was a good day. Thanks to the Interconnected Multi-world Net we discovered that a special area for dogs was only 15 minutes perambulation from our home-kennel. Those minutes proved to be the perfect warm-up walk for me to run like a mad thing with a firecracker tied to my tail. The dog park was really quite massive.

Exhausted but happy!
Later that day another new discovery in the neighbourhood was a large second-hand shop. My humans bought some flappy paper things they called 'books' and I got the lovely vintage jigsaw you see below. I'm pretty sure some of my photogenic genes come from this super model!

My ancestor was a model.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Memory Lane

Time to cut my claws and start to write my blog more often. Last year went past so fast, probably because of the squirrels. So many of them and so little time! On this post I have collected some of the events we have experienced since the Midsummer post.
We moved to new location again, but luckily the squirrels moved here too. That reminded me of something that happend the last Autumn... Squirrel just FLEW in my MOUTH! Can you believe it?! 
The squirrel bit me. I had to go to the vet. But I was OK. So was the squirrel.

Before Christmas I received a package from my human Grandparents in the UK!

This I found in the Grandparents' package  - An Xmas calendar for dogs!
For Christmas we travelled where there is that white, fluffy Westy dog. And I got new toys and goodies from a man with red clothes and nose.


During the past 6 or more months we have been travelling around Southern Finland and especially Greater Helsinki to get to great sniff of this huge neighborhood.

One of the greatest adventures was the Open Show event organised by The Danish Swedish Farmdog Club. I met many dogs and their humans that day:

At the Open Show field, watching some Farmdogs.
View of the Open Show location.
They even tried to drown me, but I said no.


One busy day we took a ferry to Suomenlinna. It was a bit scary because it was the last day of the Tall Ship Race event and loads of humans wanted to see the last good glimse of the ships while they were passing the island:
On the ferry to Suomenlinna.
At Suomenlinna, there is a bee under the cup!
Staring out to sea from my Suomenlinna fortress.

Here are some random moments from different locations and times:

When I can't catch squirrels, I kill cones.
Nuuksio national park - Snausage grilling!
Tennis course, Central park
Old bridge by the local river

And finally the most important part, FRIENDS! Here are some of my lovely new friends :

This cute little girl flew all the way from Germany to see me!
Hello Kitty!
Tilda the killer :)
Volke the Farmdog
Volke the Farmdog (Find his blog from here)